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Say goodbye to Manual List Building. Receive hyper-targeted ( 10+ data fields) Lead Lists tailored for your Business needs, ensuring you Connect with the Right Audience every time. Reclaim your hours.

Seamless Extraction with Predefined Parameters

Watch this to know How to extract 2K+ Lead's data CSV in under 35 Minutes.

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Build B2B Lead List for 1500+ leads in minutes

Find extensive information about relevant leads, including their names, roles, companies, locations,emails, and LinkedIn profiles. Generate more prospects now than ever.

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Customize and Extract with Precision

Tailor your lead lists and extract comprehensive data fields in a snap.

Why settle for generic lists? With Prospectoo, customize data to your needs and download only essential fields. Receive relevant, structured data for efficient outreach.

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Company List

Extract 1k account/company details in 60 Minutes

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Build upto 2500 leads with 10+ fields along with 100% verified email addresses

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Create LinkedIn Data with Hyper-personalisation intelligence at scale

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Explore More Usecases

Elevate your outreach

Reduce time spent on manual list building, and
watch your conversion rates soar.

Build B2B Leads effortlessly!

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