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Prospectoo is a B2B Database building tool that scrapes accurate and organized prospect data in real-time. Prospectoo scrapes prospect data using 20+ automation tools that will help you generate reliable leads.

B2B Marketers who rely extensively on data can benefit the most from using Prospectoo's 20+ automation tools as it helps generate fast, accurate and organized prospect data for your team to use.

Yes, it is possible to export all the scraped data to .csv format.

Prospectoo ensures the accuracy of the scraped data by using automation tools that scrape data from LinkedIn's Search Result Export Tool.

Example: No, Prospectoo allows its users to scrape data at scale, you can scrape data starting from 100 leads to 100k+. There will be a difference in the number of batches you may have to run, but it all depends on what plan you've opted on.

Example: Yes absolutely, we prefer our users to have a quick interaction with our partnership team before they make a purchase to have a more guided experience- you can sign up for a demo here.

Yes, Prospectoo automation can help businesses save time and increase efficiency as it eliminates the need of manual scraping and provides real-time prospect data in an accurate and organized manner within minutes.

Prospectoo automation can help businesses increase their outreach by generating fast and reliable leads in bulk that will save time and effort which can be used for increasing outreach to the potential leads generated through Prospectoo automation.

Scraping algorithms and techniques are updated every [time frame] to ensure the reliability of the data and to maintain our promise of real-time data.

Our customers are valuable to us. Hence, we have created a dedicated customer support team to help you with all your needs.

Absolutely, you customize the data points that you want to scrape with Prospectoo. We have 20+ automation tools that will help you scrape the data of your choice.

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