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Find B2B Verified Emails in
few minutes at 1/3rd Cost

Get accurate work email IDs of your ideal customers directly from LinkedIn in
real time. Lower cost/lead and unprecedented delivery.

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Email List

Reliable Bulk B2B email Extractor and Verifier

Reduce bounce rate and scale your email outreach effortlessly. Enhance your email marketing strategies without worrying about campaign failure.

A Prospecting tool that doesn't limit you

Build data that matches your needs with granular filter abilities

Don't limit yourself to just basic [Industry + Title] Data fields. Go as Granular as 'Recent Hires', 'Funding Status', 'Organization Type', 'Current Company and City of HQ'.


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Create LinkedIn
Lead List

Extract 2k lead details in 30 Minutes (10+ data points)

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Create LinkedIn
Company List

Extract 1k account/company details in 60 Minutes

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AI Personalization

Create LinkedIn Data with Hyper-personalisation intelligence at scale

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Elevate your outreach

Reduce time spent on manual list building, and
watch your conversion rates soar.

Build B2B Leads effortlessly!

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